So I Started A YouTube Channel

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. I am quite a shy person and the more my health has declined the worse my need to hide from others has increased. As part of my journey to get my health back on track I decided to actually do something about it and if I had an online journal and gave myself goals and deadlines I would have to stick to them and feel obliged to do so.

My answer to that was setting up the YouTube channel “Bloo’s Food”

If you follow this blog then why not subscribe to the channel. I will be kicking this blog off in a better way writing up the recipes or how to’s I create videos for right here.

For me as someone with severe Anxiety, PTSD, Asperges and ADHD I NEED to have a way I can do the things I want to and be able to have a way of putting them down without starting and stopping alot of the time. The videos I do are done as I do them in my everyday life. They aren’t fancy, they are straightforward and shows that everyday people can take the little steps to create a better lifestyle for themselves and help heal themselves and get chronic conditions under control.

Anyway I have rambled enough. I would love to see you guys over there anyway the more the merrier I say !!! I look forward to getting this year off to a better start.

Big Love

xox Bloo xox

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