Turkey and Vegetable Curry Base – Christmas Leftovers

It’s been a while since I had to think carefully about what I was doing while cooking or meal prepping for cameras so unfortunately there really aren’t any really good shots of the curry base. However there is a good chunk of video in the main video which I will link below.

Anywhoooo Tanny although unable to tolerate heat of a bit more than a scrunch of pepper most days, does actually like a curry. I have created an Indian Spice Blend just for him. It contains no garlic or onions or chilli and is very similar to the basic brand “curry powder” you find on supermarket shelves. He enjoys that and is happy to eat it from time to time. Thankfully I still had a couple of Tablespoons of that left in my pantry when it came to making this.

The one thing he asks for every year is a Turkey Curry. He is not a man that asks for much so when he makes a request I do everything I can to make it happen. This year I was able to make a Turkey and Veg Curry Base that will last use for several weeks.

Like the Turkey and Veg Soup Base I have added the base ingrededients but it leaves room for the dish to be finished off when required so there are options to make each meal slightly different from the last and ensuring that food fatigue isn’t something that becomes a major issue. Trust me we have enough of this curry base to last us a month!

What I did :-

It was really simple and again I used leftover “fresh” veg so Onions, Celery, Carrot, Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Bell Peppers, Sweet Potato, sauted them off a bit and added the dark meat I had chopped up into bite sized pieces.

I then added the Indian Spice Blend – link to video –

(yes I will do a blog one day when I have less things to write about and catch up with)

I then added a Tablespoon of the My Family Garden – Chilli Achar. Now this is made by a friend of mine from YouTube and I am not sponsored or affiliated I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this achar and I think everyone should have it.

Here’s a link to get yours :-


I then added around a litre / pint and a half of milk. You could use plant based milks you could use yoghurt or coconut cream whatever you have on hand.

Then it simmered int he slow cooker for a good couple of hours before I turned it off and went to bed and left it to cool.

The next morning I was able to bag it up in zip lock bags and lay them flat on a baking tray and pop them inthe freezer until frozen so I could stand them upright like a little food filing system in the bottom of the freezer.

I know these recipes aren’t “normal” in the way of how much of this and that but leftovers cooking isn’t about that. It isn’t about having the exact ingredients or the correct ones. It’s about using what you have and making the most of it to create meals that everyone will enjoy while saving you money and food waste.

Here’s the Link to the video :-

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