“Oggies” – Nanna Lucy’s Recipes

I remember my Nanna Lucy making these 1 time in my childhood. By the time I was old enough to remember things she did for me she was in her 80’s – 90’s and cooking was not top of her priority list. I do remember them being completely flaky and delicious and being one of the most incredible things ever. I LOVED them way more than Cornish Pasties which we ate all the time. Making them is the second time I’ve had them in my life and I just wanted them not to taste like disapointment because I messed it up. Yah know cos small known fact about me pastry is my nemesis.

Whilst creating this recipe and thinking aobut my Nanna Lucy and the posibilities of her laughing while I was attempting this but not in a bad way my brain went on a bit of a ramble through my memories cooking with her and her history. To see and hear all about that pop over to the YouTube channel and watch the accompanying video that comes with this recipe.

I do have a mission this year though and that is too get better at pastry. Although I have to admit that the butter to make the pastry actually costs more than the premade pastry itself so it may be a mission put on hold for now or until I can find a cheaper way.




350 g Plain Flour

Pinch Salt

120 g Butter

120 g Lard

3-5 Tablespoons of Ice Cold Water


25g Butter

1/2 Cup Leeks, sliced finely

175g Potatoes, medium diced

175g Lamb, medium diced

1 Egg


  1. Preheat Oven 220c / 420f / Gas Mark 7

    2. Grease a baking sheet

    3. Place the flour, fat and salt in a bowl and rub gently with your fingertips until you have what looks like breadcrumbs.

    4. Add water a Tablespoon at a time to create a good dough. (Nanna used a butter knife to keep her hands out of it. This actually works)

    5. Roll into a flat round shape and chill for at least 30 minutes

    6. Cook Leeks in pan in butter for 5 minutes on low heat

    7. Add Potatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes

    8. Add Lamb and cook for 2 minutes intil browned.

    9. Cover with a lid and continue to cook for a further 10 minutes.

    10. Season to taste.

    Pastry and Beyond

    1. Cut pastry in half and roll out 2 x 9inch disks

    2. Divide Lamb mix between the disks on 1 side only.

    3. Brush edges with egg wash and fold over the pastry so the edges meet.

    4. Crimp to seal

    5. Egg wash the Oggies

    6. Poke with a fork to make small holes to release the steam.

    7. Bake for 220c / 420f / Gask Mark 7 for 15minutes and then on 180c / 320f / Gask Mark 4 for a further 30 minutes.

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